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  • Full-service automotive repair
  • Family owned and operated
  • 18 month/18,000 mile warranty
  • Serving greater Farmington Valley for 30 years
  • ASE Certified techs


We are a full service independent automotive service & repair facility dedicated to personal & professional attention to our guests and their vehicles. As a family owned & operated establishment, we have been serving the greater Farmington Valley for 30 years.

Our standard 18 month or 18,000 mile warranty is included on every service and repair that you receive at our facility.

Variable innovations in automotive technologies have inspired our small team to regularly attend industry technical seminars and courses of study. Our proficiencies have driven us to develop various preventive maintenance programs which target a variety of manufacturer idiosyncrasies and technical service bulletins.

Understanding that automotive maintenance is a life necessity and does not always bring excitement, it is ultimately our goal to make the service process as convenient and enjoyable as possible for our guests. We genuinely care about you, your time, and your experience with us.






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We offer a 10% discount on labor up to $50.

Cannot combine with any other specials or offers. Must present membership / ID card at time of purchase. Call for details!



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Natalie SantaguidaNatalie Santaguida
13:46 16 Apr 24
I had the best service I have ever had on my car. I will be back and all my kids cars will be coming here. Absolutely fabulous service and kindness!! Thanks so very much
Susan CranmoreSusan Cranmore
03:44 12 Mar 24
Great job on my Escalade. Rai and John did a fabulous job for me. Great expertise and alwaysdependable.Susan Gail Cranmore
Darwin MelendezDarwin Melendez
19:43 23 Feb 24
The most expensive oil change i ever get. Im a traveler nurse. And i been in 16 different states. Including all New England region. And this place let me speechless wooooooow.
E Hagler (Ayn)E Hagler (Ayn)
13:47 31 Jan 24
Highly recommended. My experience is always excellent at Auto-Bon.
00:57 28 Nov 23
I am prepared to write a book…#rims #fender #honesty #alignment #overnight #loaner #deceit #NameinVainPictures and videos…Never try to insult my intelligence…ever.Karma is real…karma will be swiftReply: 11/27/2023One: Everything I posted...you focused on #nameinvain (which, is whatever YOU assume it to be).Two: Clearly (like my previous Friday text that you responded to on a Monday) - I did not expect a reply over the holiday break.Three: If you really want to go down the "religious" lane - let's be clear, YOU bought religion into our initial conversation, which frankly, allowed me to "put my guard down"...I NEVER BRING UP RELIGION TO ANYONE - was taught a long time ago, Religion, Salary and Politics are triggers...Four: You don't have to reply...let's be real here, I came back in with my car within 4 days and had your mechanic test drive while I was in vehicle to literally let him experience exactly what I was experiencing...and yet, you told me "you found nothing" lol...Five: To go down the rabbit hole of ALL I experienced from day one...let me know...I'm prepared to show my Ring footage, the before and after pictures / videos of my speedometer (and go into detail) and SOOOO much more.Six: BOTTOM LINE - MY VEHICLE CAME OUT WORSE THAN WHEN IT WENT IN...AND YOU BASICALLY DID ZERO TO ACKNOWLEDGE IT. YOU TOLD ME I DIDN'T HAVE TO CONTACT THE WARRANTY COMPANY...I IMMEDIATELY CONTACTED THEM, AND THEY HAVE BEEN GRACIOUS...The report you handed me was INACCURATE (as I explained to you in the text - same day).And the reason you aren't "replying to my text" which by the way, I had no other means of contacting your establishment, and wanted to make sure I have "written" information versus "verbal"...is because what I put in that text was true...period.AND the hypocrisy of not wanting to reply because I hash tagged "name in vain" - when you had the audacity to put on a customers post that they needed to seek mental assistance...I mean, that's A LOT OF NERVE...lolNo worries though...back to my religious moment "He Sits High and Looks Low" - and that's ON GOD!-----------------------------------------OMG, I was writing a book...I'll let the pictures and videos speak for me. RING and car cameras...they are priceless.I will say this - you were not "advocating for me" - you have never met me - you made a PROFIT of over $5K...that's what you were advocating for...get real!I do like how you are telling my business - type of vehicle I drive, I "didn't pay a cent" - how / why should this be public information? It's so professional...is that what's bothering you? Is that why you did what you did to my car? Upset that it was fully covered, upset that I can drive a Range Rover? I mean, what is the purpose of mentioning that - lol.Again, the warranty company has been very gracious. I did the right thing in contacting them immediately about ALL damages, so even though it's been 2.5 weeks...the conversation (and pictures / videos) are timestamped...
Celine RosarioCeline Rosario
01:56 19 Nov 23
Michael has great customer service and is an excellent employee you can tell he is passionate about his job!
Rainey BlanchetteRainey Blanchette
12:24 19 Oct 23
Review Test: *multiple* reviews that Auto-Bon was informed were posted by clientele over the past few months still have yet to post, and a 1-star targeted review that is over one year old, *reposted* on 10/18/2023 as a "new" review. The loss of one 5 star review a month (on average) has also become a norm. Trying to determine if this is a Google internal issue, and/or if it is a link request based issue from our marketing partners.
Kristen DKristen D
20:34 18 Oct 23
The staff at Auto-Bon are the most honest, accommodating and professional group of people I have ever run across in an auto repair setting. They run their business with true integrity which is hard to find these days. They are informative and make recommendations but do not push or bully the customer into performing any services like some other businesses I have come across. They seem to truly care about the customer’s safety and satisfaction. Their waiting area is clean and comfortable as are their courtesy vehicles. I will not take my vehicles anywhere else!
Lewis BrownLewis Brown
15:23 17 Oct 23
Damaged paint of my car and are REFUSING to fix- Will over charge you and make things up about your car to make you spend more money!!WORST SHOP you could take your car! NEVER GIVE THESE GUYS MONEY!** Update** I provided photos upon request but they refused to view. Only to claim i never sent them.. I know my car and inspect the paint and car almost everytime i drive; Therefore i would observe paint damage whenever its prominent. There was no damage nor chips before taking to this shop.Just be weary if you HAVE to use this joke of a 'German Car' shop
Mohith SaradhyMohith Saradhy
20:28 27 Jun 23
Great service. Was quick to get me in for emergency and quickly sorted out the issue. Very efficient work scheduling system. Overall great experience.
Conor McDonnellConor McDonnell
14:34 27 Jun 23
First time going to Auto-Bon, and the experience was amazing. Called on a Friday after my M235i went into limp mode, and was seen and able to drive away problem free by Monday. Highly recommend to anyone in the area! I'll continue to come back to Auto-Bon!
Jannette LopezJannette Lopez
12:31 09 Jun 23
Oil change, tires sensor replacementThey did a masterpiece and was happy with the prices
White PaintWhite Paint
14:48 24 Feb 23
These guys couldn’t have been more helpful and fair when it came to a recent car repair. Would definitely recommend.
Melissa DearbornMelissa Dearborn
04:04 27 Jan 23
Lots of diagnostic capability and detail. John is knowledgable and dedicated. I felt I was in good hands. It wasn't an inexpensive repair, but I feel confident it was done right. My 12 year old Mini is running great now. I would take it back to Autobon for any future repairs.
Catherine ChampagneyCatherine Champagney
18:54 17 Jan 23
They are very caring and explain what needs to be repaired and what you can wait on. I found out that a hybrid needed more specialized tires .
Maura FlemingMaura Fleming
16:54 13 Jan 23
Over the past 15 years we have only trusted our vehicles (foreign & domestic) to Auto-Bon. The Blanchette family are the most honest and trustworthy mechanics we have found. You truly get what you pay for!
Jerome BarrillonJerome Barrillon
19:27 12 Jan 23
After a few failed attempts diagnosing issues with two different Mercedes dealers in the area, they were able to quickly figure out the issue and recommend a fix. I will now only trust both my new and vintage Mercedes to them. Highly recommend.
Suzanne DrakesSuzanne Drakes
15:59 16 Aug 22
Auto-Bon is a very capable auto shop. I find them to be very caring and friendly.
Brendan LovelandBrendan Loveland
13:58 09 May 22
A trustworthy family-owned shop with very fair prices and great service. Couldn't recommend higher.
Matt LloydMatt Lloyd
14:10 22 Apr 22
Rai and his team are awesome! Trustworthy, honest and the ONLY shop I bring my car to.
Adam LawtonAdam Lawton
12:05 03 Apr 22
Auto-Bon will give you the best advice , best parts and the experience will feel like you're dealing will family who genuinely cares about your vehicle. So many places will give you a great "deal" but in the end its using sub-par parts and sub-par knowledge and tools to do the job. I've brought my SAABS here , recommended friends and family who own European vehicles as they all require the right knowledge and right special tools to do the job correctly. That being said I would trust any vehicle I own with them because I know it will be done right and the Blanchette family will treat your car with the same care as I do, not just another invoice. I would go out of my way to do business with them. Auto-bon is a place you'll go once and bring your vehicles forever too. I have no affiliation with the family, just many great experiences. Thank you personally Rai for treating my mother and her beloved car like gold. You guys are top notch. All the best to you and your family.
Bob RitzBob Ritz
14:37 14 Mar 22
Trusted, experienced and honest professionals working on my car!
kathleen bromagekathleen bromage
02:18 01 Mar 22
My oil light came on and I was aware of Autobon and that the shop serviced BMWs and thought I would give them a try. I was so pleased to drive-in at 4:30 when the shop closes at 5:00 and be treated like I was a longtime not customer. A great experience overall
Anne DuncanAnne Duncan
14:58 24 Jan 22
Great service and honesty always. Best waiting room ever!
22:15 13 Dec 21
I really wanted to give 5 stars but after my last interaction with them I can't do that. I have been going to Auto-Bon for years, I even purchased a car from them back in 2010. Jim is great! He has always been super kind and accommodating. I ended up moving out of the area so I wasn't able to continue going to their shop anymore. However, I recently moved back so I decided to take my Subaru to them since I've had such great experiences in the past. I went in for a standard oil change, and they did a thorough inspection of my vehicle. I am glad they did because we discovered that both of my rear bearings are bad and need to be replaced ASAP. I made an appointment for the following week. This repair unfortunately came at a really bad time because it was going to cost over $800 to fix both which is money I really don't have. I was given a recommendation for a shop that a friend goes to and they were able to give me a more affordable quote.I called Auto-Bon to cancel my appointment, and I don't know the name of who I spoke with (it wasn't Jim) but he had an attitude with me from the moment I said I wanted to cancel. Once I told him why he continued with the attitude telling me that the other mechanic is going to be using Chinese parts and they won't last and I will get what I pay for. It wasn't what he was saying that bothered me but it was HOW he said it. He really made me feel stupid because I wasn't going to get it repaired by them. Maybe he is right but I didn't deserve to be spoken to that way.It's his attitude alone that makes me want to no longer go there. Customers don't deserve to be treated like that.Yes they do great work with good quality which costs money that some of us don't have, and I really feel like I shouldn't have been spoken down to like that because I can't afford it.
Barb and Jim we’re very accommodating. And they were able to help me work out a payment plan. And they were originally suggested by a mutual friend. and they are very affordable. I am 22 and they are my first car shop I’ve been to that is very family friendly.
01:38 14 Sep 21
First time there with my foreign car and had a great experience. Jim and Barb run a friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable family business. I was there for an oil change and brake service, but they also did a thorough check of the whole car which I was not expecting, but very grateful for. They found a small issue I was not aware of and even sent me a photo of what they found. 👍 Jim and Barb are great and they took time to chat with me after the work was done. A great experience. I feel I found a place I can trust, which is a big deal for me, and I will definitely use them in the future. Thanks Auto-Bon!
David CrossleyDavid Crossley
19:06 13 Sep 21
Friendly and knowledgeable staff. We were very impressed.
Iain SpryIain Spry
13:53 02 Sep 21
Excellent communication, quotation before any work and was very accurate against final invoice. Slightly above average pricing but excellent work- my car is like brand new. Highly recommend
14:51 16 Aug 21
A very professional and high quality shop- highly recommend
13:29 24 May 21
Was able to get a quick appointment for oil change. Very reasonable price and they suggested some basic routine maintenance items, but did not push hard to try and sell it to me. Wet friendly staff and comfortable waiting area. I will be using them from now on for service. Great job
Nathan SartwellNathan Sartwell
14:58 17 May 21
Upon arrival I was met with an extremely kind and knowledgeable individual. The experience was far above my expectations. The facility was immaculate, the accommodations were more than expected. I felt as if I was sitting in my own living room. The family owned staff was as friendly as they come!!! The service was speedy, I was in and out in under 1 hour.
Nichole MatavaNichole Matava
15:39 19 Apr 21
I brought my car in for a routine maintenance. They performed an incredible through assessment of my car. Hey found that is was not safe and identified many issues of concern. They spent extra time and care to explain everything and break down all the costs and imminent issues. They were understanding and gave me time to make arrangements. Kind, caring, honest and professional are words I would use to describe the staff at Autobon.
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