4 Common Repairs for BMWs

Posted April 26, 2024

Your BMW is a finely engineered vehicle with excellent build quality that makes BMW among the world’s most revered automotive brands. According to IBISWorld, the nation has 283,315 automotive service businesses. You should see a dedicated BMW service facility for the best results if your car needs maintenance or repairs. If your BMW is acting up in any way, it might be due to one or more common mechanical issues. Here are four common repairs for BMW vehicles that you might need for your car.

1. Leaking Engine Oil

All motors need oil to reduce friction and heat. Unfortunately, older BMW engines are prone to oil leaks at the corners of the valve covers, the transmission, and the fuel pump. The problem is usually due to an old gasket or a seal that dries out and develops hairline cracks. If you see oil accumulating beneath the engine compartment when your BMW is parked, it’s leaking oil. Fortunately, a BMW service can fix this issue.

2. Engine Overheating

Sometimes, a BMW might develop a defective water pump that stops the coolant from circulating properly through the engine and radiator. It also might have a bad hose or a punctured radiator that leaks coolant. If you see the engine temperature gauge rising or coolant pooling up beneath your BMW after you drive it, the cooling system has a problem that a technician can diagnose and repair.

3. Bad Ignition Coils

Your BMW likely has coils that turn the low voltage stored in the battery into high voltage to produce the spark needed for combustion to happen. An ignition coil failure will make your engine run roughly and might cause it to stall or not start at all. Replacing a defective coil can fix the problem. So can routine tune-up service that replaces the spark plugs and coils to ensure the engine runs efficiently.

4. Steering Wheel Shakes

If you own a 3-series BMW, you might notice the steering wheel shaking or vibrating while braking. It’s a common issue with the 3-series BMW models caused by a worn bushing in the thrush arm, which is part of the suspension system. It commonly wears out after 75,000 miles and requires a replacement. Driving it without fixing the problem might cause an accident.

If your BMW is showing any of the common mechanical problems or has another issue, you can bring it to our BMW service facility to have our ASE-certified technicians diagnose and fix it. Contact us today at Auto-Bon for more information or to schedule your repair!

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