4 Signs Your Audi Needs to Be Serviced

Posted September 18, 2023

Audi is a popular vehicle brand in the luxury market, and for good reason. The company’s longevity is due to the fact that it creates quality vehicles that embrace both style and functionality. It’s estimated that the revenue for Audi is projected to reach $10 billion by the end of 2023, according to Statista. However, even the best-made car needs proper maintenance. Here are a few signs that your Audi is due for service.

1. Power Loss

This is a very serious sign that your Audi engine is in need of service. You will need to find Audi specialists that are properly qualified to work on your vehicle. Audi’s are designed to respond well, which means when you push the gas peddle you automatically feel the power. If you start to notice this isn’t the case anymore, service is definitely due. You may even need engine repair.

2. Poor Gas Mileage

Any noticeable change in gas mileage is another sure sign you need service. When a vehicle is in good working condition, gas mileage will be on point with what the manufacturer shared with you. Different makes and models of vehicles have different estimated gas mileage. The mileage should stay consistent with what it was when you purchased the vehicle and the estimated amount for that particular car.

3. Odd Smells

If you’ve noticed strange smells coming from the engine, you need to take your vehicle to Audi specialists quickly. This can indicate a serious problem. It usually indicates that the engine isn’t running properly. It could be a result of leaks. It isn’t recommended to even drive your vehicle if you notice smells coming from the engine. This could be an unsafe driving situation.

4. Engine Vibrations

Audi vehicles are known for riding smoothly. If your Audi is vibrating harshly or making unusual noises, there is a problem. There are a number of things that could be caused by it, and it’s very difficult to try and self-diagnose your car. In fact, Audi vehicles specifically need to be serviced by Audi specialists. It’s not recommended to let just anyone work on this vehicle, and it’s definitely not something you can take on yourself. If the vehicle isn’t serviced properly, a small issue could quickly turn into a major problem, and what was an inexpensive repair could now turn into a very expensive repair.

These were just a few signs to look out for. If you’re looking for Audi specialists in your area, contact us at Auto-Bon today. We are a full-service, independent automotive service and repair facility.

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