4 Things to Know if Your Car Breaks Down

Posted December 8, 2022

A car breaking down can be a crisis for drivers and their families, but taking the right steps when car problems occur can make the whole experience much easier to deal with. If your car breaks down, be sure to keep the following four bits of information in mind.

1. Get the Car Off the Road Safely

When your car breaks down while you’re on the road, it’s critical to safely get it to the side of the road. Turn on the hazard lights, and slowly pull as far as you can to the right side of the road. Stay inside the vehicle and contact help, such as roadside assistance or a tow truck. Don’t keep driving any longer than you need to.

2. Trust the Professionals

In the last quarter of 2020, there were over 234,000 auto repair shops nationwide, according to Statista. That means you can rest assured that there is a local auto repair shop near you if your car breaks down. Instead of trying to troubleshoot on your own and potentially making the problem worse, contact a local auto repair shop for an estimate.

3. Leave the Car Sitting Until It Goes to the Shop

It’s common for people to procrastinate on taking their car to a shop due to the additional expense. It’s also common for people to try to continue driving their cars. However, it’s important to be aware that putting off repairs will often make the problem significantly worse. If you can’t take your car to the shop immediately, it’s best to leave it sitting in the driveway until that’s an option.

4. Have a Complete Evaluation Performed

The old saying with cars is that once they start to break down, they keep breaking down. For example, if you have one blown tire, there’s a good chance that the rest of the tires on the car are on their last legs, too. The same often applies to other parts of the car as well. Full evaluations from auto repair shops can help prevent future breakdowns.

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