4 Tips to Help You Care for Your Benz

Posted July 18, 2023

Mercedes-Benz produces some of the world’s best-engineered and best-performing vehicles. They’re one of the world’s oldest and most respected automakers with a well-earned reputation for quality and reliability. According to CarsGuide, there were about 1.4 billion vehicles in use around the globe in 2016. That number almost certainly has increased and includes a significant number of Mercedes models, including yours. Here are four tips to help your car run its best with Mercedes-Benz services.

1. Follow the Recommended Service Intervals

Your prized Mercedes-Benz includes an owner’s manual that details recommended mechanical services to keep your vehicle in its best possible condition. Those service intervals are based on the expected service life of the various parts, fluids, and systems that enable your car to operate. Factory-trained and certified Mercedes-Benz services technicians can maintain and repair your vehicle in accordance with the factory-recommended service intervals.

2. Regularly Change Fluids and Rotate Tires

All vehicles need regular oil, coolant, and brake fluid changes to work their best and last as long as possible. Changing the oil and filter along with the engine air filter about every 5,000 miles will help to protect the engine against friction while enabling it to breathe clean air for the best power. Checking the coolant and brake fluid reservoir and changing them as needed or at least every two years will help to keep the motor cool and the hydraulic brake system working its best. Rotating the tires about every 5,000 miles will help you to get the longest life out of them.

3. Service the Brakes

Brakes are one of the most important systems on any vehicle. They enable you to keep your vehicle under control and stop safely. Mercedes-Benz services can inspect your brake pads, calipers, and rotors and maintain them as needed. The brake pads should be changed before they wear out and the brake fluid bled once or twice a year. The brake fluid also should be changed about every two years to ensure your Mercedes-Benz always has good fluid for good stopping power.

4. Detail Your Mercedes-Benz

The exterior of your vehicle also needs regular service to help protect the paint and body against the sun’s UV rays, stone chips, and minor scratches. A detailing service can remove road grime and other contaminants that accumulate as you drive. Polishing the clear coat and fixing stone chips and minor scratches help to make the exterior look new.

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