How to Extend the Life of Your Luxury Vehicle

Posted February 19, 2024

Owning a luxury vehicle feels great when you’re on the road, but this investment can be costly if you don’t maintain it. Keeping a car in good shape requires expert mechanical knowledge, making it vital to visit only the best local auto repair shops. Luxury vehicle owners in particular need to take extra care in choosing the right professionals to service their cars. According to Porch Group Media, independent auto repair shops do three-fourths of all auto repairs, while dealerships do the remaining 25 percent. The following tips will help you keep your maintenance and repair costs low while extending the life of your luxury vehicle.

Follow the Recommended Service Intervals

Virtually all new vehicles come with an owner’s manual in which the manufacturer provides recommended service intervals for all mechanical and electrical systems. The same engineers who designed your luxury vehicle compiled these recommended service intervals based on the expected service life of the various parts, fluids, and other components. Dependable auto repair shops are capable of doing this work and keeping your luxury vehicle in its best condition.

Frequently Wash Your Vehicle

All vehicles collect a variety of contaminants while on the road, from road grime and precipitation to bird droppings and tree sap. If you drive in a wintry climate, road salt and ice melt can get into small cracks and crevices beneath your vehicle. Many substances can cause corrosion and other problems for your luxury vehicle. It pays to wash your vehicle frequently, including washing the underside. The less time dirt, grime, and corrosive substances spend on your vehicle, the longer you can make it last.

Have Your Vehicle Detailed Regularly

Many high-end auto repair shops offer detailing services that remove old wax and sealer and clean the exterior of the car. Any small scratches, scrapes, or stone chips are filled in or buffed out, followed by polishing and then waxing and sealing the paint. If you have small dents or dings, paintless dent repair can fix them without cutting through the paint and requiring a new coat. Detailing services also include treating any leather or vinyl surfaces in the car’s interior with conditioner to keep them looking their best.

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